Forde Cloud provides a comprehensive software platform that enables
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History of Forde HR Cloud

In 2016, Jerome Forde founded Forde HR Cloud to provide a virtual HR office to a community of SMEs at a price they could afford.

Immediately prior to setting up Forde HR Cloud, Jerome was Director of HR for an organisation made up of over 200 small- and medium-sized business units. They had little formalised systems, no standardisation and many HR issues.  How could these be solved at low cost and yet still be an effective solution that could be applied across the board to different employers?

He saw the benefits of bringing together the advantages of IT and HR expertise into one solution but found nothing that met this requirement.  What was on offer was too expensive, too cumbersome and simply did not deliver the service required. So he set about his own solution with help from experts in IT and HR.

He devised a framework of HR compliance and best practice designed to deliver a comprehensive HR service.  He discovered that the quality of the support and communication for the SMEs could be greatly enhanced with an integrated HR & IT solution. When all relevant employment information was to hand his team could more effectively support employers.

Jerome’s simple idea was to create a virtual HR office at the end of the hall, accessible all the time through the IT infrastructure he would create and the support office he would establish.

By combining ideas in different ways something completely new emerged.  SMEs were put on an equal footing with larger organisations.  Their competitive advantage was enhanced while their exposure to risk was significantly reduced.  Critically this was achieved at a fair and clear cost which was based on the number of staff they employed.

Forde HR Cloud assembled a quality team of HR professionals to provide employer support and alongside them built from the ground up a unique 21st century HRIT infrastructure to enable the team to provide their clients with a significant value-adding service.

You can’t buy our technology anywhere else, and no one else provides SMEs with an integrated end-to-end HR service of their own design,” says Jerome.  “High quality HR services are now being delivered by Forde HR Cloud to a growing number of companies at a consistent quality by great people and exciting technology.”

FordeCloud’s values come from the traditional Irish ‘Meitheal’, he continued.  “Neighbours gathered together to support one another and bring in the crops.  People supported each other in times of need but also developed their understanding and capability to manage change, adapt and grow.  SMEs can feel isolated in dealing with HR problems.  However, your HR problem has been experienced by someone else. With Forde HR Cloud you can benefit from that learning.”

This is our simple idea.  With Forde HR Cloud, SMEs can now avail of the economies of scale normally enjoyed by the multinational or larger corporate sector.  The SME is now on an equal footing with the big company when it comes to its HR management.

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