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In our recent survey, we learned that 69% of businesses find recruitment difficult and therefore, the loss of a member of staff can have serious implications. Conflict in the workplace is all too common and if left unchecked, increases turnover. Statistics show that the average person spends 92,120 hours at work in their lifetime. For many of us, this will mean we spend more time with colleagues throughout the week than with family and friends,
First impressions are everything and your Job Description will be the first time many of your employees will encounter your fledgeling business. A basic Job Description usually contains the job title, duties, skills and competencies, a bit about the company and a salary. However, you’ll probably agree that ‘basic’ isn’t quite in line with your company vision. Your workforce is one of your most important assets and you want to attract the best. With this in
Recruiting talented individuals into your business is difficult enough, but did you realise that without a proper induction program for new employees, the struggle and cost could go to waste? The induction is the chance to explain more about the company structure and it gives you the opportunity to make sure the new employee is familiar with their new surroundings. There is no underestimating the importance of proper induction in making the new employee feel
When it comes to employee rights in the workplace, there is a general consensus that the law always swings in favour of the employee. But is that factually accurate? In a word, no. In fact, people are often surprised to learn just how few legal rights employees have (assuming that the employer follows due process). The confusion stems from the subtle differences between “rights” and more common policies which are created at the discretion of
What key pieces of knowledge should a small business owner be equipped with when it comes to employment law? It’s a good question because employment law can be confusing for all employers, but particularly for small businesses and start-up owners. The whole area consists of a mix of complex regulations in a landscape of ever-changing legislation that is challenging to keep up with. While business owners are not expected to be experts in legal matters,

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