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5 Tips On How to Help Your Employees Feel Happier at Work
Are your employees dragging their feet? Giving you less than you know they have got? If you think your employees are caught in a motivational slump, it is your job as their manager to inspire your employees, keep them happy and fuelled to be the best they can be in their job. Take a look at these five tips on how to help your employees feel happier at work. 1. Show Your Appreciation Don’t automatically
How To Manage Staff Holidays

How To Manage Staff Holidays

Posted by Lisa Morrow on May 1, 2016
Category: Uncategorized
As spring approaches, people’s minds turn to planning their summer holidays. Managing holiday requests can be challenging for a business, especially if employees request the same week off. How do you plan ahead so that business is not disrupted? Here are some tips to help you to manage your staff leave and avoid common employee holiday related issues. 1. Develop a Holiday/Annual Leave Policy In order to effectively manage staff holidays, the first port of
5 Ways To Make A New Employee Feel Confident
The first day of any new job can be very overwhelming and it is important that as an employer you put your best foot forward for new employees. Onboarding isn’t just about first impressions, it sets the foundations for your new hires and their ability to perform effectively in their new role. Here are five ways you can make a new employee feel confident on their first day. 1. Have Everything Ready Welcome a new
3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have A Social Media Policy
Social media is still a relatively new area of culture that a business needs to consider, but there is a growing concern amongst employers about how employees’ social media communications impact the company brand. With this in mind, take a look at three reasons why it is beneficial for your company to have a social media policy. 1. Protects Company Reputation A social media policy is designed to protect company reputation; it is a company’s

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