Employee Documentation

FordeCloud is a proprietary system designed to allow us to support clients with advice and support. An important part of that is the capability to upload documents which provide management information accessible by staff members and management and which enhance the practical usefulness of the software for day to day management purposes.

HR Policies

All HR Policies are available online and this also facilitates their updating as required. HR Policies can be challenging to communicate and update when they are available in paper form only. Putting them online makes them more accessible and updatable at the same time.


Employee contracts online means that many of the features of a HR File are now digitised and accessible by employee, Line Manager and HR Departments. When accompanies by job descriptions, they enhance the understanding of rights and obligations.

Employee Relations Cases

Support is provided for employee relations case management and Forde HR Cloud allows for the management of this information in a way which is available on a selective basis.

HR Forms

The system is designed to facilitate access of employees to forms required for various HR Policies. The forms are located with the policies and enhance the understanding of the requirements of the policy and the ease with which rights and entitlements can be accessed.

Important personnel communications

Records of promotion, transfer, changes in salary or employee relations case management are important communications with employees and require to be retained. Forde HR Cloud is designed to store these documents online.

Pay and Employment Histories

Over an employee’s career it is important to be able to record their progression in terms of pay and where the employee has worked and at what levels. Forde HR Cloud is designed to facilitate this record keeping.


Not only are qualifications retained but also all training records before and during employment.

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