Employee Profiles

FordeCloud provides a means of developing employee profiles, managing important employee information in a searchable format. The profile information is captured in sections containing personal details, company details, benefits, onboarding, medical details and training & qualifications.

Personal Details

All the employee personal and contact details. Captures details
for payroll and visa information.

Company Details

A complete work history with date-effective salary and title
changes. Contract and reminders for probation, contract completion etc.

Job Details

Opportunity to create job descriptions, and develop searchable
histories. Opportunity to create departmental descriptions as
well as organisational charts.

Training and Qualifications

Capturing training, CPD and expiry dates of these and includes
unique employee skill sets and personal characteristics that often
get overlooked in traditional employee files.


Captures contractual agreements on benefits as well as
company standards. Supports payroll requirements.


Capturing the achievement of the company onboarding
requirements such as policy communication, probation,
contract renewals, policy, safety statement etc.

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