Leave & Absence

Employee absence can have a significant impact on organisations. FordeCloud provides a straightforward mechanism to manage leave requirements and to identify absence trends. It will significantly reduce the administration time needed to ensure that costs are managed, organisation planning needs are satisfied and that patterns of absence can be observed and acted on quickly.

Leave Applications

Leave and absence management integrates time-off requests and approvals, time-tracking etc. Employees can apply for leave on any device from any location. All leave entitlements are managed through the system.

Leave Approvals

Managers can approve or not leave on any device from any location. Carry over leave can be applied on line manager approval at the end of every year Forde HR Cloud blocks out Company days in individual calendars and reduces annual leave accordingly.

Leave Calendars

They team calendar informs line managers of all leave applied for at any time and reports of absence patterns can be provided on an individual, team and company basis. Forde HR Cloud provides ongoing reporting for employee, line manager and company.

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